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Lavessence loves Lavender

Lavender Home

The Lavessence Home Collection

The Lavessence Lavender Home line features a collection of lovely lavender items that can  be use to aromatically pamper your space.

From soft glow of lavender candles, to carpet powder to freshen the floors. Lavender dryer sachets to brighten laundry and lavender sheet sprays to liven the linens.

  • Lavender Candles - clean burning, natural wax.

  • Lavender Carpet Powder - natural carpet powder safe to use around children and pets.

  • Lavender Household Cleanser coming soon! natural cleanser that can be used on the commode, dishes, sinks, tubs...

  • Lavender Dryer Sachets - a natural lavender dryer sachets for laundry, toss one in and enjoy lavender fresh laundry.

  • Lavender Eye Pillows - cut and sewn in house with cotton or satin. Filled only with lavender and flax with a few amethyst.

  • Lavender Favors - for parties, showers, weddings and beyond

  • Lavender Linen Mist - highly potent lavender linen mist for bedding, curtains and beyond.

  • Lavender Sachets - a variety of sizes and shapes, lavender sachets are great for cars, closets, drawers and beyond.

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