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Lavender for the Chef

The Lavessence Culinary Lavender Collection

Gourmet culinary lavender items, each hand blended with high quality, flavorful culinary lavender flowers. The culinary lavender flowers we use here at Lavessence are grown in the aromatic, purple fields of France and imported to the United States. We've been using this same lavender for nearly 25 years and it is tried-and-true, hands down a customer favorite.

Offering a full collection from savory salt blends to sultry spices and sweet sugars


  • Culinary Lavender - premium edible lavender flowers from the purple fields of France for baking, cocktails, cooking & beyond

  • Lavender Extract - highly potent and flavorful liquid lavender extract for baking and beyond

  • Lavender Honey Sprinkles - granulated honey, a perfect touch for baking, teas and toppings.

  • Lavender Honey Sticks - sealed lavender straws filled with pure honey infused with lavender.

  • Lavender Hot Chocolate - rich lavender cocoa with a hint of lavender that can be blended with your favorite "milk"

  • Lavender Lemonade - sweet, tangy and tasty - a lavender lemonade mix for a refreshing drink or creative cocktail.

  • Lavender Salts - a collection of salts blended with lavender flowers and other savory herbs to enhance your dishes.

  • Lavender Spices - lavender seasonings and lavender spices for natural, flavorful cooking creations.

  • Lavender Sugar Blends - pure cane sugar hand blended with flowers and herbs for baking, sprinkling and sweetening.

  • Lavender Teas - lavender black tea blends, lavender flower blends, lavender herbal blends, lavender green tea blends...



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