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Each temperature and brew time noted below is simply a suggestion, and it's important to note that hotter and longer is not always better! Also, each palate is unique and one may prefer a longer or shorter brew time with cooler or warmer water. Of course sip with caution, tea can be hot!

(G) green teas

(B)  black teas  

(H)  herbal teas 

(W) white teas 

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Lavender for Sipping

Hot, Cold, Savory and Sweet 

Lavessence offers a full line of lavender sips, from lavender hot chocolate to lavender lemonade - as well as a full collection of lavender blends including floral and herbal teas.

We recommend using fresh, cold filtered water when brewing lavender tea blends. Tap water can change the flavor profile of the tea in an unfavorable way due to minerals and/or chlorine content.

All the teas we offer are loose leaf teas, this enables us to offer larger quantities for a lesser prices. With loose teas it is recommended to use a a fine mesh tea infuser. This is the best way to brew loose leaf teas and keep floating bits of flowers, herbs, roots to a minimum.


For best flavor, use about a teaspoon of tea to get started. (Unless otherwise noted. (1/2 to 1 teaspoon for Moka Java and up to 2 teaspoons for Chamomile and Jasmine)

Most teas are excellent on their own, but you may also add your favorite sweetener such as honey, sugar, etc...  

Lavender Hot Chocolate

Lavender Lemonade - coming soon!

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