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Single Lavender Sprig

About Lavessence

My love for lavender began nearly a quarter of a century ago in 2000. At that time I suffered from debilitating headaches. After going to the doctor, I was diagnosed as having migraines, and I was prescribed a strong medication. Not a fan...  I sought natural ways to soothe the pain, which is when I discovered the amazing herb of lavender.   My admiration for this herb grew as I was immersed into learning about how essential oils, natural flowers, and herbs can help to heal.


The more I learned, the more my love for this flowering herb grew. I started experimenting with ways essential oils and lavender flowers could be used in products. I created items bath & body, culinary, and beyond. Over time, this passion led to the launch of a small bath and body company.


Over the course of the years, things have ebbed and flowed. I started marketing on the web before 'web marketing' was a thing. There was no social media back then.


As the internet evolved, I did as well. At one time, my business was one of the few companies within the lavender niche, I soon found myself in a very saturated market. Over the years I have sold on eBay, Etsy, local events, farmer's markets and beyond. I continue learning, studying, and moving forward - one sale at a time.

In fall of 2023 I'll be adding some new products, and in 2024 keep an eye out for a logo design refresh! This website is a work-in-progress.


Please join our newsletter (link on the home page) to get the buzz on what else is coming!


IMPORTANT: This website and our Etsy shop are the only online locations authorized to sell my products. However, some brick and mortar shops and restaurants across the US do have our products on shelves for sale.

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